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The following is some information about myself, that I really didn’t feel like having to write and you probably don’t even care about. However, being a humanoid on the world wide web requires me to have some sort of engaging or atleast informative biography/history about myself posted here, especially if someone I offend finally snaps and murders me and  someone needs something to cite for an obituary.

Do I write this in first person? or third person? Fuck it, both sounds far more inline with how depersonalized I have become at age 27.


I’ve spent the last few years building a network of accounts in a diverse variety of demographics and content style. These accounts are catered to specific demographics from men’s grooming to millennial humor. Originally most of the accounts were founded with a self serving motive of sending people back to my personal account. Since then, they have provided outlets for doing sponsored posts as well as curated content and experiences for their own niche communities.

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