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Ryan Smith, aka @Kreativ31, is a polymath and entrepreneur who’s been involved in creative business and marketing for over 10 years and who really dislikes writing about himself especially in the third person as if written by some biographer who had to summarize his professional life after he was finally murdered in a dark alley behind a pizza parlor…

Just a few things I do:

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An aggregated humor Instagram account with a focus on e-commerce and paid marketing strategies/collaboration.

total audience: 55k | avg. reach: 1m | avg. monthly site views: 3k

travel and lifestyle photographer

Lifestyle and Media Brand with emphasis on the Springfield, Missouri market and surrounding area. Using multiple social media accounts, which we own, we aggregate and create original content to feature and empower local creators and businesses. In tandem, we produce and sell environmentally responsible merchandise along with paid marketing services for businesses and individuals.

total audience: 40k | avg. reach: 12k | avg. monthly site views: 2k

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A multimedia company built on making the internet a better place, or some other profound sounding bullshit.


This isn’t a blog, I hate blogs, fuck blogs. I just want to share my thoughts, my work and inspiration – like an online journal.

I guess they call that a blog. Shit.

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